3 Expert Tips For Sydney Wedding Photography

Planning your Sydney wedding photography? Here are three tops tips from the experts…


Invite them backstage

The most memorable wedding moments happen out of the limelight. That moment when the maid of honour is lacing up the bride’s dress. A stolen kiss during the wedding reception. The best man rehearsing his speech in the garden. Make sure you are comfortable enough with your photographer to let them behind the scenes, and you’ll be rewarded with some truly magical Sydney wedding photography.

Find the perfect package

Do your research and pick the package that best suits you. If you know you’ll need extra photos for the family, make sure you order these up front so you’re not stung with extra costs later. Start by working out the non-negotiables – what you really want – and go from there. If you’re planning on having a wedding video, why not join your Sydney wedding videography and photography into one whole package?

Embrace the rain

Even in Sydney, the rain can visit at the worst moments. But don’t let it ruin your day – instead see it as an opportunity to get some fantastic fun wedding photos. Grab your classic big black umbrellas and get out there!

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