3 Hottest Wedding Photography Styles Explained


Which Sydney wedding photography style will express your personality?

Get the lowdown on three of the hottest wedding photography styles:

  1. Classic black and white

Black and white photography is a complete classic. And any great Sydney wedding photographer has an eye for what will make a striking black and white photograph. It’s all about capturing great tones and textures, like your wedding dress and veil. These days, Sydney wedding photographers don’t even need to shoot in monochrome because it can all be done in the studio afterwards.

  1. Panoramic wide-angle shots 

Want photos that include all your wedding party? Or the amazing views as you both wander along a sweeping Sydney beach? Wide-angle shots are for you. And your Sydney wedding photographer will be able to capture great panoramic shots with the click of a button.

  1. Super fast shots

Swoosh! That’s the sound of your bouquet flying through the air to a gaggle of jostling bridesmaids. With super high-speed photography your professional photographer will capture this moment frozen in time – and in focus!

For more great photographic styles for your wedding talk to the Sydney wedding photographers at Front Row.