3 Moments Every Wedding Photographer Should Capture


There’s one thing that all great wedding photographers Sydney side have in common – they won’t ever miss these three moments:

  1. First look. No doubt about it, the first time the bridge and groom see each other on their wedding day is unmissable. This one look says so much in the shortest space of time. This is the stuff great Sydney wedding photography is made of.
  1. Getting ready. When the bride and groom are hanging out with their closest friends and family, photographers can capture truly great candid moments. Everyone’s relaxed yet nervous and excited at the same time.
  1. Vows. The look on the bride or groom’s face when they say their vows is always one of pure emotion.

There are always amazing natural moments throughout every wedding day, and the best wedding photographers Sydney has will be in the right place to capture them. Remember to give your photographer a list of those things that are important to you too!