3 Things To Add To Your Sydney Wedding Video


Want to give your Sydney wedding video some real personality? Here are three things you can ask your videographer to include. The good news is these elements can work wonders no matter which style your wedding video is shot in.

Interviews: You don’t have to have guests sitting stiffly answering questions about how they know the happy couple, or drunkenly telling a story abut the groom nobody should hear. Interviews can work great as voiceovers in a cinematic wedding video and add new layers to the storytelling.

Behind the scenes: Snippets of the couple getting ready and their journeys between venues add a wonderful sense of continuity to the wedding video. Go on, let your videographer behind the scenes…

Montages: A montage is a clever way of putting moments together without letting the video footage draw out.

Creative freedom: If you want the best wedding videography Sydney has to offer, you need to give your videographers some creative freedom. These guys have the skills and artistic eye to create truly amazing work, so don’t be afraid to let them use it.

Discuss these elements and ideas with your Sydney wedding videographer before the event. Check out our Sydney wedding videography packages and portfolio for more inspiration.  

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