Why You Should Choose A Short Cinematic Wedding Video?


Gone are the days of long documentary style wedding videos. The hottest trend for Sydney couples is “short form” cinematic wedding videos.

The older style “long form” wedding videos stretch on between 90 minutes to two hours, painstakingly recording every last moment of the day, from the bride leaving the car to very last person warbling on the dance floor. Phew!

It’s no surprise, then, that more and more couples are opting for shorter Sydney wedding videos. And these are becoming a highlight of Sydney wedding videography packages today.

Short form cinematic wedding videos bring together a medley of the best bits of the day in a creative and styled way. An intensive rollercoaster of emotions brought together in a video that is 30 minutes at most. In fact, short form videos are quickly giving rise to the best wedding videography Sydney has ever seen.

The short form video focuses on those moments that really count. The bride with her mum and maid of honour, before leaving for the ceremony. The groom watching the bride walk down the aisle. The moment the bride and groom step onto the dance floor. By focusing on those truly special moments, the result is more poetic, more emotive and more memorable.

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