How To Plan The Perfect Cinematic Wedding Video ?


A little time spent planning with your wedding videographer can turn your wedding video into a blockbuster.

Here are some tips to remember:

Lighting: Give your videographer a heads-up about the lighting in your venue. Better yet, let them check it out for themselves! This will make sure your videographer gets clear images that truly set the tone of your special event.  For example, Sydney wedding videos look best if the bridge and groom aren’t in direct sunlight. Shady areas work wonders with light.

Positioning: You don’t want to go through your wedding day worrying about whether you’re in the right spot for the camera – that’s what the videographer is there for, after all. But it’s worthwhile thinking about your videographer in your rehearsal, so you can get the best cinematic wedding video.

Act natural: When it comes to cinematic wedding videography, it’s all about capturing natural moments and putting them together in a way that tells your story. The best advice? Forget the camera is there and act natural.

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