Top Wedding Moments Your Videographer Absolutely Must Capture


When your big day arrives there will be special moments you’ll want to capture on video. Here are the top moments you won’t want to miss:

  • Your arrival at the ceremony

It’s the moment everyone is waiting for – your arrival at the ceremony.

You’ll want your Sydney wedding videography to capture the exact moment of your entrance, so remember to pause and breathe.

  • The vows and exchange of rings

Your vows are an once-in-a-lifetime commitment. And one you’ll want to look back on for many years to come. A cinematic wedding video will capture the true intensity of the moment.

  • Your first kiss as a married couple

After all the build up, your first kiss as a married couple is like no other. There’s no other moment bound to attract lots of  ‘aaahs’ from your wedding party. Why not check out Sydney wedding videography packages so you can catch the romance on video?

  • Take to the dance floor

Whatever your style or tradition, the first dance is always one to remember. Sydney wedding videography will immortalise you both in all your glory!

Ask Front Row to tell you about more ways to make your Sydney wedding video special.