What Is The Difference Between Traditional & Cinematic Wedding Videography ?


Once upon a time, the only way to get a wedding video was to have a videographer film your every move throughout the day and night.

Those days are long gone. Today’s wedding videography is chic, short and highly engaging. Cinematic wedding videos focus on the storytelling. The best thing about cinematic wedding videography is that its opens up a whole world of creative possibilities. For example, the wedding video might play backwards – from the bouquet landing on the floor back to the bride putting in her dress. Or it might weave in certain styles, such as film noir or a dreamy effect.

Unlike traditional videographers, wedding cinematographers work with light and, like a film director, make decisions on how to best shoot a scene. It takes planning, technique and experience.

The great news is the rise of cinematography is resulting in the best wedding videography Sydney has ever seen. So get out there and see what’s on offer for your big day!

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