Your Guide to Sydney Wedding Videos

Mish-Syleste Wedding

Wondering which wedding video is best for your big day? Here’s a quick guide to wedding videography.

You’ve chosen the most amazing wedding location – on the balcony at Catalina’s in Rose Bay, an intimate spot in the Blue Mountains, or amongst the vines in the spectacular Hunter Valley. Your dress is divine. And every little detail is decided.  Now all you need to do is work out the best wedding videography to give you ever-lasting memories of your special day.

To help, here are the different types of Sydney wedding video you can choose from:

Documentary or Long Form Video

Documentary or Long Form videos capture the entire wedding day, and are usually between 30 minutes and one hour long. Your wedding videographer will use skillful editing to capture the wedding day in a series of chapters. So you’ll be able to relive the day through all the stages, such as Getting Ready, The Ceremony, Reception, Speeches and First Dance. Just sit back with some champers and watch the day unfold as it happened. See the nervous looks as you both get ready, the magical moment you first set eyes on each other, and the dancing. Oh the dancing.

Cinematic or Short Form Video

Cinematic or Short Form videos are short wedding videos, typically between 5 and 10 minutes in length. They comprise professionally edited highlights of the wedding day and capture the key moments. And your Sydney wedding video is set to music to really set the mood.

A cinematic approach to wedding videography aims to capture the love between you, the sense of location and the atmosphere. With a skilled eye, your videographer provide you with a unique creative expression of your special day. The videographer doesn’t get a second chance – there’s no rehearsal and no reshoot – so they know exactly how to be in the right place at the exact right time.

This video is easy to share with family and friends, especially when uploaded onto the website, Vimeo. So whether they weren’t there on the day or they were the first on the dance floor, everyone can enjoy the celebrations again and again.

Storytelling Cinematic

A storytelling video tells the whole story. While still generally a short form video, it includes pre-wedding videography of your lives before the wedding day. It can capture the story of how you fell in love, when you first met, the proposal and all those little things you love about each other. You can even show some of the highlights of your pre-wedding videography during your reception.

Whichever Sydney wedding video you choose needs to work for you and your day.  Your wedding videographer is shaping the memories of one of the most amazing moments in your life. So regardless of which type of wedding video you choose, it’s important to be really comfortable with your choice of videographer. It’s worth looking at examples of the wedding videos Sydney studios have to offer, so you can get a really good feel for what they do.

Want to find out more about wedding videography and see some amazing examples of Sydney wedding videos? Contact Front Row Photography today.

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