Your Top 3 Wedding Photography Questions Answered


When you’re planning a wedding, you can’t be expected to have all the answers. So to help, we’ve answered three of your top questions about Sydney wedding photography.

  1. How much should we budget for wedding photographs?

It depends what you want – there really is no magic number. If you really want a great memento of the day, consider Sydney wedding videography packages. Some studios offer both Sydney wedding videography and photography at a great price.

  1. I’m having a destination wedding, should I book a local photographer or one from home?

Don’t limit your search to the destination. If you find a wedding photographer you love close to home, paying the extra for travel expenses is worth it if it means you can get the amazing photos you want. Remember, most wedding photographers Sydney side love to travel and will find a way to work with your budget.

  1. Do I have to do anything for the photographer on the day?

The best approach is to meet with your photographer well ahead of time. Provide a shot list and runsheet, so they know exactly what you want from the day, and you can focus on enjoying yourself!

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