Wedding photos can move you to tears of joy or laughter. It just takes a professional photographer’s eye to capture those loving moments.

Here’s a quick guide to Sydney wedding photos that bring tears of joy:

  • Gather all your bridesmaids and groomsmen together for a group hug and a champagne toast before the ceremony.
  • Get everyone to do a ‘jump for joy’. It’s a great way to get everyone to relax and laugh, especially because someone’s bound to jump out of sync!
  • Watch for the emotions of your future partner as they spot your arrival at the ceremony. Is that relief or unrestrained happiness?
  • Take lots of romantic photos alone as a ‘just married’ couple. It’s your special (and short) time together before the party begins.
  • Take your first steps onto the dance floor and prove that all those dance lessons were worth every crushed toe!

Speak to your local Sydney wedding photography studio, Front Row, about even more special wedding moments.