We have to admit, being a wedding photographer in Sydney we’ve heard a lot of amazing love stories in our time but nothing quite like this one! Lourdes and John met at church, where John was studying to become a priest. But once he set eyes on Lourdes, he fell in love and gave up his quest for priesthood. You only need to see the look in John’s eyes when he caught sight of Lourdes walking down the aisle to know their love is as real as it gets. Their wedding was a harmony of two wonderful cultures: Maltese and Filipino. And at the heart of it all was a strong focus on family. After all, John is one of six siblings! Ten bridesmaids and groomsmen supported the couple on the day. And if the dip on the dance floor is anything to go by, there’s no doubt this sweet and loving couple will be there to support each other for life.

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